Radio commercial production

Our radio adverts deliver results for your clients.

Sound Productions offer a full radio commercial production service from script writing, copy clearance and client liaison to voice casting, music, sound effects and final production. You can rest assured that our radio advertising projects will be on brand and on budget.

Our radio commercial production services conveniently located in Cheshire, near Manchester, though we have been producing radio advertising, jingles and other audio solutions for clients for a number of years.

We produce radio adverts in conjunction with a variety radio stations and advertising agencies in Manchester as well as working directly for national clients with a broad UK presence. Our radio production team of managers, scriptwriters, sound engineers and music producers are committed to ensuring that the audio production service we offer our clients and the recordings that we produce are always of the highest standards.

Radio commercial production: It's all about the sound.

Here are some of the steps we’ll follow when creating your radio commercial:

  • Develop imaginative concepts around your radio advertising, considering both the company and the consumers
  • Write, re-write and edit a copy brief which will be sure to engage your target market
  • Approve the scripts to be broadcast on the radio
  • Locate and hire voiceover artists
  • Visit our digital recording studio to bring the radio advert copy to life
  • Let our sound engineers do the hard work: recording, mixing, editing, mastering
  • Undertake audio duplication to print and distribute your radio commercial to relevant stations

Maybe you’re just beginning to consider producing your first radio commercial — or perhaps you’re a pro who just needs a bit of help with audio post production. The Sound Productions team is here to help with whatever stage of the process you have in mind!

Radio commercials that transmit the unique personality of your brand.

We keenly understand the need for direct and effective communication between you and your customers. We will help you to ascertain their needs, interests and concerns and write bespoke scripts that suit your specific purposes. With our sister company, Electromedia, we are well placed to offer you the full suite of audio visual services, should you require advice about images or videos, as well.

Our production team features talented sound engineers whose expertise ranges far beyond just radio. Their talent combined with the latest and greatest technologies in our digital recording studio all lead to a perfect finished project and radio adverts that will allow you to convert new leads. From scrip refinement to talented voiceovers and sound effects to cutting-edge post production services, we will carry you through the entire radio commercial production process and you will walk away with unbeatable masters in the format of your choice. For a radio production company that can help you get on the air quickly and efficiently, trust Sound Productions!


We'd love to hear from you. If you'd like to know more, need a quote or have any other queries give us a shout. You can email us or a good old fashioned phone call works too!



Our portfolio of work is extremely comprehensive covering everything from voice over to in store advertising and even broadcast!