Internal communications

Make us part of your plan for effective internal communications.

If you’re striving to knit together the disparate sections of your company, create a streamlined and unified corporate image and help keep your employees abreast of important news in a more timely fashion, you should consider making our highly regarded sound engineers part of the process. An effective internal communications strategy hinges on relevant, engaging and high-quality audio production — and you can rest assured that we always deliver! Perhaps you’ve already contacted us to discuss audio solutions for marketing and advertising your brand to customers who are in the shop, on hold or tuning in to their favourite radio station. Important as this form of promotion is, don’t disregard your internal channels of communication! Whether you require us to assist you in developing the personality of a newly-established brand or are interested in the production of radio shows or training videos that are suitable for internal use, our studio engineers can engage with you at any phase of the production process and bring your internal communications plan to life.

With a high tech recording studio convenient to clients in both Cheshire and Manchester, we manage the entire creative and production process, allowing you to step in with your vision of a communications strategy or ask us to draft up the scripts and pull together the voice talent for your approval. Numerous styles and approaches are available during the production process, such as straightforward news-style updates pertaining to internal developments or entertaining radio-style shows that interview key members of staff or help you to reward notable accomplishments within the company. Internal communications audio production should allow you to have it all: from informing your employees of new product lines to celebrating your recent charity initiatives — and this is what we aim to provide!

Why choose sound productions to deliver your internal communications messages?

  • Our voiceover artists are among the best and most highly-demanded in the UK. We create a comforting and inviting atmosphere in your communications that reflects the personality of your brand.
  • Why make your employees struggle through lengthy blog posts or traditional print messages? Let us present your updates in a more engaging audio medium and grab their attention.
  • Your members of the staff will have the option to listen to your internal comms news on the go, via CD, a website or whatever format you prefer. Whether your staff are constantly on their feet (nurses, retail assistants), frequently on the move (drivers, postal workers) or not around (part-timers and those who work from home), our audio messages can easily reach them all. It’s a great way to brief people on important announcements before their shifts start!
  • Audio production, including radio commercials, is a good deal more cost-effective than audio-visual services. We offer these if you’re interested, but the audio-only medium of communication is a time-honoured way of getting the word out and keeping your staff in the loop!


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